AscoGraph is the Anticipatory Score Follower and Reactive Language Editor, made by the MuTant team (

Ascograph Features :

  • Open-Source license, source code available here.

  • automatic conversion from MusicXML files to Antescofo Language.

  • automatic scrolling of notes view and editor view with Antescofo Score Follower.

  • note selection from editor or interface, in both directions for fast and easy modifications : double click on a line in the text editor to see which note it is in the pianoroll.

  • syntax coloring

  • OSC automatic communication with Antescofo

Available now on for IRCAM members. Source code available for hackers: (contributions welcomed!)

Dependencies :

Ascograph is built on OpenFrameworks, version 72 and ofxTimeline from James George.

more informations:

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